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Inserted Parts into weldments

Discussion created by Ben Conners on Apr 16, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2008 by Merry Owen
I have inserted a part (which is another weldment) into a weldment I am currently working on. I have located the part thru body constraints and have chosen to take all the planes, surfaces etc in with the part. Overall I need 4 instances of this part to occur, so I lineared patterned to create the second instance. I then created 2 axis so that I could rotate them with a new body/copy move to create the other 2 instances. They could not be mirrors as the orientation would not be proper.

Everything worked beautifully for both configurations.

The problem I now face is that I required a new weldment of the same containing those 4 additonal parts stated above. So using PDM Works I used the copy tree command and saved out the weldment and the 4 parts all with new part numbers. Everything held rewriting all the external references properly, but the only problem I have now is that the 4 parts are now out of position in the welded configuration. However, they are perfect in the as machined config. All mates are exactly the same in both configurations. It seems that the planes that were imported for the inserted part are not in the proper positions as they are when you open the part up by itslef. Does anyone know what could possibly be the problems. Your help is much appreciated.

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