Heather Wainio


Discussion created by Heather Wainio on Mar 25, 2008
We are using SW 2007. I am having problems with cut lists. The cut list in the As Welded configuration does not match the cut list in As Machined (the item number). So, when I insert the weldment table into the drawing, not all of the cut list items appear. Usually, just the last one is left off. I learned that you cannot rename cut list items to the same number that is already used (rename an "as welded" item to the same number as it's "as machined" counterpart). The only way that I have found to get around this is to delete the "as welded" cut list items and make a new cut list. But, there has to be an easier way. How do I get my "as welded" weldment table to grab all of the info from the model?
I am very new at using SW, so forgive me if I don't have some of the slang down.