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Downloaded Weldment Profiles From SolidWorks

Discussion created by Rio Benson on Feb 26, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by Devlin Semmler
I just got through downloading SolidWorks Weldment Profiles. I started looking through them and quickly realized that a Designer did not put these together. This is particularly evident in the aluminum profiles. The leading producer of aluminum shapes in North America is Alcoa. If they don't show a size on their site, chances are you will have to buy a car-load (railroad car) from a custom supplier to get it. Ryerson, the leading metals supplier on the continent, doesn't show half of the sizes listed in their catalog, either.

Also, again speaking of aluminum profiles, there is a big strength difference between those made from alloy 6063-T52 (sharp edges and square corners) and alloy 6061-T6XX (radiused edges and corners); the former being used for architectural profiles, while the latter is used for American Standard structural profiles. SolidWorks profiles for American Standard structural square and rectangular tubing are not even provided. I suppose designers are supposed to use lesser strength architectural aluminum for their designs? Also, based upon these downloads, what part of them should you trust and what should you consider to be in error - where do you draw the line?

SolidWorks needs to check with one of their major customers, Disney World in Orlando, FL to see how the Weldment Profiles should be put together; their standards people developed their own profiles, nomenclature, and libraries, doing a fantastic job in the process. Solidworks could learn a thing or two from them. It is becoming more and more obvious that many of the users are considerably more knowledgable in applications than SolidWorks, themselves; perhaps SolidWorks should pay more attention to them instead of delivering to us the kind of useless fluff and glitz they did with SW 2008?

Even in the land of Freedom of Thought and Speech, I seriously doubt this message will survive the gauntlet. I expect it will be quickly censored or deleted altogether.