Ivan Loewen

Problems with mirroring bodies in weldments

Discussion created by Ivan Loewen on Feb 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2010 by madhuri gottipati
I've had this problem happen numerous times, albeit quite random. One example is, say I model a basic 'stand' from square HSS. A real quick way is to do the four sides for the top frame, and then pick the face of front member to sketch a line (ie. 48") for say the front right leg. Finally mirror that leg twice about your front and right planes and you have all four legs in place. Now in the cut list it should simply state qty=4 for the 4 (48") legs. Sometimes my cut list will split them up saying 3 of ... 48" and 1 of ... 48", even when clearly they are 4 identical bodies. Sometimes it happens when I extrude a base plate. But not always.

None of this is a consistent problem for me but frustrating still... I can sometimes play with it and model it a different way and it might work. Or I can un-check the automatic cut list option and manually pull items into their correct folders, but that's not good if you make changes and it doesn't update.

Sorry if this is to general but I'm just checking if anyones come across this and if they have an answer to it. Thank you much!