Peter Giles

Sub-Weldment Cut List

Discussion created by Peter Giles on Feb 19, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by William Bailey

I am having difficultly using the sub-weldment feature as it doesn't seem to carry over my cut list properties (Type of Weldment/Length) to the sub-weldment.

I made a large Weldment Part. Then I selected the parts I wanted to make into sub-weldments, and inserted them into a new part. (As per the help file "sub-assembly".) I updated the cut list in each new part created and in the master part. But when I attempt to make a cut list of the sub-weldments I am not getting the details. I could insert it manually but there must be a more efficent way...

Any Help?

Further Details: I am attempting to make a drawing with the first sheet containing an overall model of the entire weldment and a cut list naming each sub-weldment. Then add a sheet with a detailed cut list for each sub-weldment.