Glenn Wilkins

Combine weldment into one body

Discussion created by Glenn Wilkins on Feb 12, 2008
For our weldments we use multi-body part models so that we can show the individual parts on the drawings, etc. just like the rest of you. But when you have an especially large weldment and it then gets inserted into an assembly, I was wondering if all those bodies slow the performance of the assembly. So I've tried doing a "Combine" as the last feature in my model so there is one body and create a configuration called something like "COMBINED FOR ASSY" which I use at the assembly level.

It seems like it performs better at the assy level. Has anyone (including you guys at SW) ever done any testing on this or if you have knowledge of how bodies behave or are treated at higher assemblies, I'd be curious to know if this is a worthwhile practice.