Tim Koritz

Part Numbers, Sub-weldments -> Parts

Discussion created by Tim Koritz on Jan 24, 2008

I have a pretty complicated weldment and it has many different sections. I created sub-assemblies within the weldment with the different sections and then inserted them into new parts. This made documentation of the different sections much easier, as far as the details go (holes, extrusions, etc.). It also allowed me to create some assemblies. Then I realized that I had to manually create the cut list and that was a pain (is there a way to get the length and angle info to carry over?).

With all that aside, I essentially have two files now that are representing the same part. They are both used in the same drawing. So now I am trying to figure out how to assign part numbers. Has anyone ran into this predicament before? It is not desirable to have two part numbers representing the same part and vice versa.

My next predicament is with file management. PDMWorks recognizes these duplicate files as being a different part. I was hoping it would recognize the parametric relationship and link them together but it doesn't.

Thanks for the advice in advance.... cheers!