Dana Trousil

weldments - odd system - bom cutlist

Discussion created by Dana Trousil on Dec 12, 2007

I am hoping that you all can help me evaluate Solidworks for mycompany.


We do lumber mill equipment, so weldments sounds like it couldwork, though I doubt it because of the way we currentlydraft.  We typically have multi-page drawings showing theassembled piece of equipment on page 1, and then break outsubassemblies as 'details', e.g. Detail 20, 21 (on page 2),etc. 


There can be nested subassemblies, i.e. a detail subassembly maycall up other details from other pages.  Some subassembliesare welded parts, but can have additional, actual parts called upas well.  Currently, each detail has one BOM, which would showany parts (including steel in per foot) that would be called up onthat detail only, and any sub-details would have their own BOM,e.g. Detail 20 would call up Detail 30, but Detail 30 would haveits own BOM on page 3.


Each BOM is therefore a combination of a BOM and a cutlist.


If we have to change our system, that's a knock againstSolidworks since we have custom APIs that we'd like to convertover.  I don't know if any 3d cad will allow us to continuethis practice, so it's not out of the question.


I understand that you can insert parts into weldments, but Idon't know if you can create sub-weldments, and still have the BOMbreakout as outlined above.  I am thinking that it's best toavoid weldments completely, though it makes cut steel a pain. What's been your experience?