Bryan Burnett

Weldment cut list incorret

Discussion created by Bryan Burnett on Feb 20, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2009 by Steve Ruffin
We routinely use weldments for machine frames. Starting with our 2008 update SP2.1 when we mirror or pattern bodies in a weldment the length callout in the cut list is incorrect. A triangular shaped gusset will be correct on the first part but the mirrored one in the weldment will list the length as the length of the hypontenuse. We had a 5 piece weldment consisiting of a 6" channel with 4 angle iron mounting tabs. The first tab was put in and then mirrored and then an array to complete the part. The cut list called out the first one correctly at 2" but the other 3 were called out as 6". Has anyone else seen this.