Jarmo Kekarainen

Ballons with labile  numbering

Discussion created by Jarmo Kekarainen on Feb 7, 2008
Having serious problems getting the balloon numbering right.
I have gone thru the configurations and updated the cut lists so the two default Configurations have now the same cut list items and should be updated and so on.
All views have the same configuration and are in -As machined. (have not messed with that.)
So some views have the right balloon item numbers and some have not. Finally when i manage to get one view correct in say sheet 1, and the next time i return to the same sheet, after "ballooning" sheet 2, somebody.. has renumbered the first correct sheet. The balloon fuction in weldment seems to be completly unstable or at least far from intuitive.
I have a mixture of views of both the weldment and items and some sections views.

Any hints to solve this ?