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Using 3D sketches in weldments

Discussion created by Andrew Mattocks on Dec 7, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2007 by 1-3PL95X
I am trying to model a tubular framework and have done a 3D skech using planes as the skeleton of the structure. But when I add the structural members each segment (which include radii) is converted to a descrete structural member in the list which is not the reallity. A tube can be bent around various corners but is still one member.

I do not get an option to use the selection manager and the only other option I seem to have is select chain although this (when it works) just collects all the segments in the collection box individually which has the same effect to selecting them individually.

I can combine the bodies in the cut list and that seems to work although I have to reflect it yet and I am a little concerned as to how the cut list will appear.

Can anyone tell me if I am doing this correctly or whether I am missing something fundemental please?