Steve Crompton

Weldment help needed

Discussion created by Steve Crompton on Dec 18, 2006
Hi all

I have a very simple component that I need to produce as a weldment and for the life of me I cant get the profiles to behave as I want. I have attached a picture of the item in question. What I want is for the long edge of the hypotenuse to always be 2550 and the small front tube to always be 300mm. The bottom horizontal tube will vary and because of that so will the back.

How do I need to arrange my sketch or sketches so that if I change the front to back dimension then the 2500 stays the 300 stays but the height changes to suit.

I have different configurations to do but I want the first to have a height of 1700 with an overall depth of 2210 at the bottom.

The profile of the tube is 80 x 40.

Thanks for any help