Cut list order

Discussion created by Administrator on Sep 11, 2006
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right click on the column you want to sort by, and hit Sort - Ascending (or Descending)

on 2006 8 12:50 James Barlow wrote:
> We recently upgraded to SW2006 SP 5.0 and now we have a problem with the cut
> list order.
> I figured out how to get the parts in the order I want on the list but my
> problem is how the list is being displayed.
> I create the list with the header at the top. This shows item number, qty, and
> other properties I need. The problem I have is that the first item is listed as
> the last item on the list. In this case the first item is 21 and the last item
> shows as 1. The list is backwards.
> If I move the header to the bottom then the numbering reverses. I have item 1
> at the top and the last item is 21 followed by the header.
> I know in a BOM you can change the direction of how the item numbers are listed
> but I don't know a way to do this with a cut list. I never had this problem
> before until we went to 5.0.
> Any suggestions?