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Mouse Gestures not following SolidWorks work flow

Question asked by Adam Scheible on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2009 by Adam Scheible

   My mouse gestures "Sketch" ring is set up with common sketch commands AND the Extrude/Cut-Extrude icons.  Now, I open a new sketch and sketch some geometry.  Try two closed loops (circles, rects, or other islands).  Then, slide over to the Cut-Extrude icon on the ring.  You'd expect it to grab all the geometry and cut all islands.  But it doesn't.  It asks you  for a selection or takes the current selection only.  Hmmm.  Next it really deviates from the work flow, because it creates a new sketch with no relations back to the original.  What?  Yep, you started sketching in Sketch(n).  When you complete this operation you really cut using Sketch(n+1) with no continuity back to Sketch(n).

   I'm about to abandon that work flow, but I thought it was interesting.  Try it out.


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