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    Mouse Gestures not following SolidWorks work flow

    Adam Scheible

         My mouse gestures "Sketch" ring is set up with common sketch commands AND the Extrude/Cut-Extrude icons.  Now, I open a new sketch and sketch some geometry.  Try two closed loops (circles, rects, or other islands).  Then, slide over to the Cut-Extrude icon on the ring.  You'd expect it to grab all the geometry and cut all islands.  But it doesn't.  It asks you  for a selection or takes the current selection only.  Hmmm.  Next it really deviates from the work flow, because it creates a new sketch with no relations back to the original.  What?  Yep, you started sketching in Sketch(n).  When you complete this operation you really cut using Sketch(n+1) with no continuity back to Sketch(n).

         I'm about to abandon that work flow, but I thought it was interesting.  Try it out.


      Your thoughts?