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Hole Wizard Error With new 2010 Install. Duplicate data folders

Question asked by 1-B9ZPHW on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2010 by Rich Bolduc

I just updated from 2009 to 2010 a few days ago. Now when I try to select the Hole wizard I get an error


"The database file "Solidworks Data\lang\endlish\swbrowser.mdb' is not expected version (14.05)"


This error also appears when I try to edit an existing hole wizard feature in a part originally designed in 2009. However the part has been saved forward to 2010 already. I believe this may be an issue with the reinstall I did, when I choose to do a new install I kept the old 2009 still running this has created two "Solidworks Data files one named Solidworks Data(2).


I was able to fix the issue by going to Tools>Options>Hole Wizard/Toolbox and changing the folder. My question is whether or not I may have done the install wrong. Are there other folders I should check their references for. I'd hate to find out that something small but meaninful is not propgating through because of this duplicate Data file.


I don't really have a need to run 2009 anymore but in general I do keep an old install going for a month or so after updating as a "just in case" but am starting to think this is just a terrible idea. Why does the install even offer this type of dual install if it can't recognize it's own files?