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Upgrading SolidWorks files in the vault  after a SW upgrade

Question asked by Lucas Dexter on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2010 by Brian Endres

SolidWorks raved about how much faster SW 2009 is over 2008.  After our SW upgrade to 2009, our efficiency went way down, to the point I had over 30 cases open with our VAR within a week.  After months of trying to figure out what the problem was, we came to the conclusion all of the files in the vault needed to be upgraded to the latest release.  SolidWorks does have an upgrade tool now with limited functionality.  We were able to upgrade all the parts in the vault with the tool but with its limited capablities was unable to upgrade all the assemblies and drawings.


Has anyone had any issues or found a way of performing upgrades to all the SW files in the vault after a SW upgrade?  Upgrading the SW software is difficult enough on its own, now throw EPDM into the mix and it is almost impossible.


On a side note, after we upgraded all the part files in the vault, the calls from users went way down.


Note to SolidWorks:  if an upgrade requires all the SW files to be upgraded to the new release, please, please, please, give your customers the tools to perform such tasks inside the vault.