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Importing Cinema 4D to SolidWorks?

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2010 by Christopher Thompson

What is the best file export format to transfer a Cinema 4D file into a SW2009 part file as a surface or solid? So far, I can only view the STL and no import options appear to exist to convert the STL to a nurbed surface even with the ScanTo3D add-in activated.


The other file types I received (*.wrl, *.3ds, and *.obj)  from Cinema 4D are not importing despite the SW ScanTo3D literature stating SW could import the following files types:


  • Mesh Files (*.NZIP;*.NXM;*.SCN;*.3DS;*.OBJ;*.STL;*.WRL;*.PLY;*.PLY2)

  • PointCloud Files (*.XYZ;*.TXT;*.ASC;*.VDA;*.IGS;*.IBL)


The ScanTo3D add-in is actived, so that should not be an issue, and it does not seem to create a mesh prep for STL files. So far, I have not received a solution for SW technical support except to confirm the STL file could be imported into SW. Without a surface, solid, or even a prepared mesh, it is of little benefit.


This link suggests an import option exists to import an STL file as a graphics body, surface body, or solid body is available, but the option does not appear to be available in SW2009 (x64).