How to use Run custom task

Discussion created by Guest on Mar 1, 2006
Hello, my name Lampard
I am user solidWorks 2006 premium since 2004.

I have a problem about update design table.
Here is my problem :

I have a top level assembly.
There are 12 parts in the assembly.
Every part have a design table.

I create equation in assembly level. So, when i change the main dimension ( Assy ) every part has change.

But the problem is data in design table just will be update when we are open design table.

I am try to use update file in SW Task scheduler. But, design table is not update.
I have a macro to update design table, but the macro is just run for one part.

Any body know how to solve this problem ?
The solve can be : 1. Macro to update some part in one procces.

2. How to use Run Custom Task to handle this problem, is it possible ?

Thank You.