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part masters and uploading dwg's ref's into PDM

Question asked by Sandy Buerkle on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2010 by Devon Sowell

We use the Master part concept when designing mostly symmetrical housings. At a certain point the part is then cut into 2, and other not common features get added as each part gets its own function, and then they each get their own drawing.

So, the result is 2 drawings for 2 parts, but both require their Master part if you need to edit a common feature that goes back far enough to before the split, if you need to change something in its overall size for example you go to "Edit in context" and open the master part.

What happened at upload is the masters got left behind. The part knows it has it for a ref, but it wasn't a direct child of the drawing? so it got left behind? Trying to understand what happened. Do we need to open afterwrads tore-link once we put the masters into the vault.

thank you for your help.