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Create .pdf with drawing layers

Question asked by Brian Schramm on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2009 by Brian Schramm
I am looking for a fast and easy way of saving out a .slddrw into a .pdf file with the ability of maintaining the layers that are on the drawing.  By doing a Save As .pdf in SolidWorks it "flattens" the drawing and puts all the layers on one.  I worked with Adobe and they said to convert the drawings to .dwg with is the only format that they can assure the layers will not be "flattened" when they are imported into .pdf format.  My problem is I can not find a good dwg to pdf conversation software that will convert all the font types that can be used in SolidWorks especially GD&T fonts.  Any one have a current process similar to this or know of a good dwg to pdf conversion software package.