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Opening, editing, and closing DT shoots my RAM usage to the moon!

Question asked by Ed Gebo on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2009 by Ed Gebo

Good day my SolidWorks friends,


I'm trying to edit a customer DT...a very large and configuration driven DT.  I prefer to use the "edit table in new window" option (easier to navigate) but it seems as though every time I open, close, memory usage climbs until the ultimate crescendo...a SW CRASH!!!  Excel becomes a bear to use as well.


My questions are:

How can I combat this problem?  As in better DT technique or use different DT options?

Do any of the specs look alarming based on what I'm trying to accomplish? (see below)


Workstation in use has 12 GB of RAM and a page file is NOT in use.  Processor is 3GB Xeon Quad core.  Vid card is an 1800...wish it were a 3800 though.  Plenty of disk space on 3 (RAID 0 or 1) SATA HD's.


Any suggestions are welcome.


Thanks in advance,


Edson Gebo