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sandbox remnants after Bulk upload at Go Live migration

Question asked by Sandy Buerkle on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2009 by Jesse Seger

Prior to our Bulk Upload of all our files and going Live with PDM last month, 3 of us on an implementation team used our vault as a Sandbox.

We uploaded a couple dozen drawings, their parts and asm's etc and checked out and modified and checked back in etc playing with Status etc to help us decide what we wanted our Vault stucture to be etc when we went Live.  Before we migrated all our files we first had our IT go into the vault and delete all the folders and all the obsolete folders etc etc.   We migrated all day using Bulk upload.  No unusual fail to upload results.

We went live.  One by one we are finding "remnants" of the old files and the old test Projects.  The files might have been deleted but the old entry info is still there. We see the deleted projects.

Question: did these old files prevent the upload of same named files at our Bulk Upload for Go Live?

Attached is our current project list, the search I did displays files in NON EXISTENT PROJECTS.

What have we done?  How do we fix this?

Your time is greatly appreciated. thanks!