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Question asked by Neil Larsen on Nov 17, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2009 by Neil Larsen

Just wondering if anyone else has submitted feedback to SW and what they thought of it.


Yesterday I submitted some feedback re missing Content entries and received a brief email back quoting my submission and thanking me for my input.

Good stuff.

In beta this seems to be working well, however I was left wondering if the email was an automated reply (that I shouldnt reply to?) and what, if anything, would be done with the info I provided, and when.

I mean its all very well to have a way to report stuff but if there is no one actually at the other end...

Will they ever contact you about a report to discuss it? probably not.

I wondered too if reports should be given a reference no. and then appear in a known issues list that people could consult to see whether something had already been reported or not. Dont want to swamp doco with the same reports do we?...



Perhaps it would be better to say something in the email like-

The Doco Group have done an initial appraisal of the issue reported (ref no. 123) and acknowledge the omission.

We will be endeavouring to remedy this soon and hopefully for spX.


just my initial experience, hopefully its useful to the boffins..