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    When will be the next upgrade for Flow Simulation?

    Rich Bayless

      Hello All,


      Upgrades for Flow Sim don't necessarily follow the upgrade cycle for Solidworks.  The last major upgrade for Flow Sim was in September 2009, if I remember right.  That was when they added multiprocessor support.


      Can anyone share when will be the next major Flow Sim upgrade?  What might be the key features of the upgrade?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Bill McEachern

          New Flow Simulation enhancements come out with new releases of SWX. Just released is 2010 - it allows more flexible non-netwonian materail models and capabilities, perforated plate resistance models for fans and environment pressure BC's, dynamics drag handles on cut plots and for resizing the computational domain, new faster routine on radiation computations, faster solution times for large aspect ratio meshes, and others.