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    SimulationXpress - Can this be done?

    Jacob Johnson

      I would like to create an "S" shaped model and assign a material to it. Then take it to SimulationXpress and fix one end of the "S" and basically "pull" on the other end of the "S" X distance where X = a number I input.


      I would like to see deformation of the S if I pull it 1 inch, then 2 inches then 3 etc


      Ideally I would like to see the max distance I can pull the this "S" shape until it fails.


      So far all I can do is apply a load in the form of a force or a pressure... and it always moves a set amount.          

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          Bill McEachern
          No, you would need the Satics package to do that. Otherwise it is trial and error - just  the way you have been doing it. However, since it is only a linear analysis you can just extrapolate to get the load for 1 inch from any result you have - not sayiung it would match reality but it would match the program - once displacements get large you can end up in non-linear land pretty quick......