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    Block and Multiple Sheet Drawings

    Jim Sculley

      I have a title block in my drawing template and sheet format that is composed of several Blocks so that the title block elements can be easily rearranged.  If I create a drawing and add a second sheet, I get the following annoying popup warning:


      If I click 'No', when I add a third sheet (using the same sheet format that was used to add the second sheet) no error message appears.  If I click 'Yes', the blocks are all duplicated with the suffix '_1' added to the names, and adding a third sheet has no problems.


      I can't have this popping up every time one of my users wants to add a second sheet.  Short of exploding all the blocks, does anyone know of a way to eliminate this warning?


      Jim S.

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          Jim Sculley

          Solved.  Inadvertently.

          While waiting for replies to this post, I started tackling another annoying issue.  Whenever a user adds a second sheet, the wrong sheet format is used.  Enabling the 'Show sheet format dialog on add new sheet' showed that the format being used was coming from elsewhere.  This elsewhere wasn't even in the 'Sheet Format' file location options.  After some forum searching, I found a post that corrected the problem.  What appears in that box is whatever sheet format was in place when the drawing template was last saved.  For us, this was a sheet format from several years ago.  To correct the problem, you simply open the drawing template, view the Sheet properties, point the format to the proper location and then save the template.  Now the default format will be correct for newly added sheets.


          A pleasant side effect of this is that the block problem I was having went away entirely.  Don't know how, don't know why, but it now works correctly.


          Jim S.

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              Jim Sculley

              Not solved. 


              The problem persists.  If I put a block in a sheet format and then save the sheet format, SW will nag me about duplicate block names when I add a new sheet.  Very aggravating.  I would love to hear from someone that they don't have this problem.  Is anyone using blocks in their sheet formats who doesn't get this message on adding new sheets?  If so, I would appreciate a copy of your drawing template and sheet format files for comparison.


              Jim S.

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                  Tony Cantrell
                  Jim, in your format, go ahead and explode the block and it will eliminate the problem.
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                      Jim Sculley

                      I'm aware of that.  But in my original post I stated:


                      "Short of exploding all the blocks, does anyone know of a way to eliminate this warning?"


                      Exploding causes some other problems such as the color of sketch lines in the block changing from black to gray.  This is due to the fact that the sketch lines are considered 'Inactive Entities' when not editing the sheet format.  When they are blocks, the lines stay black.  Also, occoasionally, when exploding a blcok, text will 'jump' to a different location.  All 6 lines in our signature block drop about 1/16".


                      Short of a solution from the community, I've decided to save the sheet format with the blocks exploded.  The drawing template still has the blocks intact on Sheet1.  Since most of our drawings are single sheet, the explosion related annoyances won't show up until someone makes a second sheet.


                      Jim S.

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                  Terry Raymond

                  Is there a fix for this "there are blocks with duplicate names"... error yet?  Or are we still to avoid using blocks in sheet formats?

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                    Leon Wurr

                    Five years and still no solution? I imagine this would be a simple fix, it's a must for future versions or service packs.

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                      Adam Lark

                      So, he kind of gave the solution. But here is what I did.


                      First off, you need your two different sheet formats. Expand your block folder in the document view tree on the left so that you can see what block names get added on this next step. Go ahead and add that second sheet. When you get the warning about the block names, click 'yes'. You will now see all of the blocks that got added with an "_" and a number.


                      Right click your second sheet and edit the sheet format. In your format, you have the blocks that were created with the new names. You will need to explode every one of those new blocks. For instance, on my drawings, I had a "BORDER_1". It consisted of a bunch of lines that I use for my drawing border. I clicked on one of the lines and then click the explode block button. Now, all of the lines are simply their own individual lines that are not part of that new block. You can then delete that block that was created. If you see something disappear from your sheet, you deleted the wrong block or exploded the wrong block.


                      Once you have exploded your blocks and eliminated the new blocks from the block tree, you'll need to save your new format. For every drawing template you make, you should have 2 formats like this. One for your first page and one for your second page. The second page format will be the one we want to have added when ever we click the add a sheet button


                      Some of you may run into color issues with lines when you exploded your blocks. If you go to your view menu -> toolbars -> line format, the bar will popup and allow you to change the colors. Make sure to save those changes to your format.


                      Keep in mind this solution basically eliminates the blocks on that second sheet. If there are no blocks, they cannot be duplicated.


                      Go to tools -> options -> System Options TAB -> drawings, and check the "Show sheet format dialog on add new sheet" box.


                      Go back to your drawing and delete your second page. This is ok because we have saved the format we want to use, but we now need to tell solidworks the default format we want to use for adding new sheets.


                      Click the add sheet button. The dialog will popup. Click the browse button to specify the format of the sheet you want to add. Find the format you saved for your second sheet  and click ok so that your new sheet will be added. If you have done everything correctly, your new sheet will be added and the block name warning will not pop up. You'll probably want to rename your sheet and sheet format to sheet2 and sheetformat2 to keep with solidworks order of things.


                      Now simply go to 'save as' and change the file type to template so that you can save your new template. Don't forget to turn off that dialog you turned on when you add new sheets. Solidworks will now use that second format for all the new sheets you add to drawings that use your new template.



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                          Steve Soeder

                          Just to add to this discussion, you can set your additional sheet format from Document Properties> Drawing Sheets. There is a frame "Sheet format for new sheets" - just check the option box at the top for "Use different sheet format" and then use the "Browse" button to select the sheet format you want to use.


                          I've actually just run across this issue as well, and it's quite annoying.  It's also going to create a maintenance issue for me if another designer chooses "Yes" instead of "No" on that dialog.


                          I have our companies confidentiality statement and other general notes (i.e. interpret per ASME Y14.5-2009, etc.) all saved externally in a folder in our vault.  I use these same blocks (which are linked to the external file) on all my sheet formats because it ensures consistency and makes for easy maintenance.   This means whenever I need to change something in the sheet format (i.e. change "Incorporated" to "LLC" in the confidentiality statement,  or when ASME Y14.5 is revised, etc) I only have to make that change in one place.


                          If the blocks are all exploded, or if they are duplicated with a new name, I then have to check-out, open the file, make the change, save and close the file, and finally check-in 1000's of drawings.

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                          Xavior Bryth

                          This worked for me, hopefully it works for some of you.


                          Right click on the sheet


                          "Zone Parameters" tab

                          "Go to Drawing Sheet Properties" button

                          in the Document Properties tab/Drawing Sheets, UNCHECK "use different sheet format"


                          Good luck!

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                            Josh Mayes

                            Just upgraded to 2016 SP5.0 and this issue has not yet been resolved.  Shouldn't it be as simple as offering the user a checkbox to not ask me again about the same question, every time a new sheet is added? I'm going to hunt for an SPR on this issue.

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                                Josh Mayes

                                Related SPR's...(some incorrectly reporting fixed)

                                SPR #: 409015

                                Summary: Get a message 'There are blocks with duplicate names on other sheets...' when adding a sheet with a block in the sheet format.


                                SPR #: 578753

                                Summary: Follow on SPR 410602 Warning about blocks with duplicate names incorrectly appears when adding a new drawing sheet, if sheet format contains blocks.


                                SPR #: 610843

                                Summary: Add check box option to Always ignore 'there are blocks with duplicate names on other sheets...Do you want to rename?' pop-up message


                                SPR #: 410602

                                Summary: Warning about blocks with duplicate names incorrectly appears when adding a new drawing sheet, if sheet format contains blocks.


                                SPR #: 445820

                                Summary: For the particular drawing template, inserting the particular sheet format will cause a warning about blocks witj duplicate names.