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PDF File name to include REV level

Question asked by Josh Hunsberger on Nov 16, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2009 by Josh Hunsberger

We are currently using EPDM to control our SW & AutoCAD files, and several of our customers are requesting that the Rev level be included in the file name during a PDF submittle.  In our PreEPDM days we use to include the rev level in the file name and each time we rev'd the drawing we would do a save as and change the file name to include the next rev and move the old file into a void folder.  well alot of our customers are now use to seeing the rev level in the pdf file name.  All the info is there in EPDM, just how can i get it to all come together.  generating the PDF then changing the file name manually would be to time consuming since we have up to 300+ drawings.  and it cant be something as easy as adding the prefix "REV1" to all files since not all files will be going to rev 1.  any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.