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    'Version' column in window of 'Contains' tab question.

    maurice bellando

      Please see attached screenshot. I have done 'Get Latest Version' and opened up the assmbly in SWorks. All parts are to the correct latest version level. In my screenshot, why does the first 'version' figure refer to the previous version? The only clue I have is that in any preview window I see the old versions, but when I open in SWorks I see all the correct latest versions, without any prompting to update anything.

      SW2009 SP4.1




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          Jeff Walters

          I believe what you are seeing is the version of the files that are used in this assembly. The “hybrid ADAPTOR assy. SLDASM (version 4) as built is using “6mm square bar-short.SLDPRT” version 2.

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            Jon Brunke



            Jeff's answer is correct.  The preview displays the BOM item versions associated with an assembly as it was last checked into the vault.  When you simply "Open" an assembly EPDM retrieves the latest version of all items associated with the assembly.


            There is a way to retrieve the "as built" assembly but you have to take specific actions to do so.


            I don't profess to know SW "reason" for the "as built" display but it is very useful from our perspective. Briefly, portions of our products are developed by multiple Engineers, simultaneously.  All Engineers retrieve the product assembly "as built"; generally this ensures they see the product as checked in by the responsible Lead product Engineer. Retrieving the assembly "as built" also allows the Lead Engineer to incrementally update, evaluate and except or reject portions of a design development proposal.  In turn all the other Engineers have some assurance they are working to the Leads "approved" design rather than every change every Engineer is proposing for acceptance. Make sense?
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              Lucas Dexter

              Hi Maurice,

                   To add to this, you have  to remember, if not told what files to get while opening an assembly, EPDM will always use what is in your local cache first.  This is why I teach our users to always get the version they want "as built" in EPDM prior to opening the file in SW.  This way they are assured they are seeing the file as it was last saved into the vault; this is your snapshot in time of the file.  If you choose to "get latest", you may be looking at something that is not released, still Under Construction in our case, within the assembly.


              The screenshot you attached is showing you what files that assembly was last saved into the vault with.  In order to get all files to the latest in the assembly, you will have to check out the top level assembly, get latest of all files, then check the top level asm back in.  Be careful, however, there may be files that are Under Construction that you may not want updated until they hit Released.


              Clear as mud?


              Lucas Dexter