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SW2009 SP2.1 wont start with limited domain user credentials

Question asked by Alun Jones on Nov 16, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2009 by Claudio Forcolin

we have just got a 60 user licence of solidworks 2009, got it installed on all the machines that was needed and all the licencing set up on the server fine, we tested it on the teachers laptop using his login and tested it using a domain admin login works fine, when it comes to one of the kids using the software nothing happens.


when a kid clicks on the solid works link on the start menu literaly nothing happens, the egg timer shows up on the mouse cursor for a little while but then nothing.


This affects all the the pupils we have at the school, all of their permissions and restricted settings, desktop etc are set using group policy, every other program works fine, but solid works just wont run, anyone know what might be stopping it.


what in group policy i should try and change etc?


(i've already had a look at similar problems on the forum for previous versions, but none of the fixes there have worked for us here)