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Top-down assembly and in-place mates

Question asked by 1-FG9OMX on Nov 13, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2009 by 1-FG9OMX

I'm somewhat new to top-down; pardon my question if indeed it's a simple solution "I should already know..."


I've created three round parts - all concentric to one vertical centerline. I want these parts to rotate about this centerline axis - however, due to my building the model the way I have, the parts are fixed into their respective positions.  In other words, I cannot get the parts to rotate freely about this common centerline axis nor will they "pull apart" up and down (along) this centerline.


Is there a means by which I can break the in-place mates - and re-establish new mate relations so as to allow these parts to rotate independantly of one another?


Thanks in advance for any advice/corrective action anyone can render!