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    Pink sketch status

    Matt Lombard

      Uh, ok, this is gonna sound like a stupid question, but when did the pink sketch status go away?


      Check out the help topic in the web help for "Error Message - Unsolvable Sketch".


      Could SolidWorks please take a moment to get your message straight and then come back and tell users what you decide to do?


      Is there any such status as "overdefined" anymore?


      Unsolvable, conflicts, no solution found, invalid... geez, what, the terminology police went on vacation and someone had a field day?

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          Neil Larsen

          when have they ever been 'pink'?


          you get pink dimensions from a design table entry ...


          unsolvable is sort of pale red or at least to my eyes and over defined is bright red -- although the sketch errors help entry says over defined is yellow...hmmm


          then again not solved is shown as red in one illustration...


          the 'pink' referred to in the help is misleading.

          if you look at the system options colours its not 'pink'...


          back in SW2005 everything in an unsolvable sketch was pale red but I think with the introduction of SketchXpert in SW2007 only the actual offending dimension is that, the rest is flagged yellow for invalid or conflicting.


          the flag colour of the actual lines in the sketch seems to have changed in SW2008 from pale red to yellow even though the help shows them as still red accompanying a yellow dimension...in some places anyway..

          I guess thats a bug or several? or perhaps no one actually knows


          must be very confusing to a newbie


          btw finding the SketchXpert in the help isnt very easy is it? unless you follow the little click here bubble and then the ?

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              Matt Lombard
              Maybe in NZ there is some sort of a difference between pink and pale red. Ugh. I dunno. I give up. Whose turn is it to keep an eye on those guys, anyway?
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                  Devon Sowell

                  Sure I remember those pink sketches. When did they go away? Sorry, can't remember, but I can't remember what I had for dinner last night either



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                    Neil Larsen

                    sorry to intrude on your investigation Matt.

                    you're right its something that needs clarifying and the Help needs to be consistent.

                    its quite important that fundamental things like this are correct and easy to comprehend.


                    I see there are different illustrations and statements between the Whats New and Help about it and over releases.

                    pink,red,pale red,yellow...in the SW2007 Whats New it even shows green lines in combination...

                    I think actually its probably broken and they have missed updating the Help here and there.

                    Hopefully someone from SW will take the time to reply to you about how it is intended to be now.


                    I've just never thought of it as pink but ok I'll be quiet and let you do the prosecution.

                    No purple was used in this post

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                    Seth Renigar

                    "btw finding the SketchXpert in the help isnt very easy is it? unless you follow the little click here bubble and then the ?"


                    I think its hard to find anything in the help file.  Prior to SW2007 (and maybe including SW2007, can't remember) when you did a search for something in the help, you pretty much got what you wanted.  Or at least no more than a few results.  You easily found your answer and you moved on.  I used to praise SW for having such a good help file, that pretty much anyone could figure out how to use SW, just by referring to the help when needed.


                    Now, you have to weed thru tons of results, and 9/10 of them are not even relative to your search.  Then, when you do find your topic (if you find your topic), it rarely explains well enough to answer your question.


                    IMO, somewhere along the line they have seriously screwed up the help file, the way its formatted, and the information contained within.


                    Just my $.02

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                        Neil Larsen

                        I think Mark B. recently came out and said that they have stopped updating the index ostensibly because the web search is better.

                        Really though I think they are just so far behind they have given up trying.


                        I don't want to boot around the SW non technical publishing staff though.

                        I dont think its their fault.

                        Probably they do the best they can with the Help in the circumstances.

                        It would seem they have been under-resourced for some time and the SW manager(s) responsible for the Help have been able to get away with the proposition that using your 'intuition' is a good enough substitute for proper explanations or that something being 'discoverable' is a legitimate excuse for omissions.

                        Why a senior manager would think that a complex program marketed to professionals can have a half complete jumbled collection of rudimentary cross-word clues masquerading as a Help file and that people would be content with that and further that they could keep their management job with that outlook is beyond me.


                        The state of the Help is a disgrace and one of the glaring shortcomings in SW.

                        It will take some time to sort now even with a dedicated effort.

                        If they had listened 5 years ago to the murmurs of discontent and hired even only one more person specifically to polish and add stuff they could surely have produced at least 1 paragraph a week in the different languages and things would not be nearly as bad as they are now.


                        Someone at SW has been responsible for blocking a real implemention of the improvements that have been requested and they have done so for so long now that the Help content has deteriorated into an almost intractable mess.

                        That person is incompetent and users suffer for it.

                        That person should have a dial and a backside that has a bright pink status.

                        Its well nigh time for some enlightenment and action at Concord.


                        there spent all my money..


                        Edit :tidied up some sentences ok I'm no writer...