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    Search Path

    Mohan Rao



      I recently saw a video about the use of search function(upper right corner of the SW interface). Per the video, the search should report critiria matches from Local drive (C:), all connected Network drives and 3D content central.


      I dont get this kind of results. All I get is results from local drive.

      Under Tools> File locations>Search path, I have the Network drive (T:) included. But the reults dont showup.


      any help is appriciated.




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          Paul Marsman
          I don't use the search function myself but have you allowed SW to dissect the files with WDS? (Windows Desktop Search)
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              Mohan Rao

              Nope, I havent (I dont prefer to) . The dissection copies are different. arent they? But how is dissection and searching related.


              I am expecting SW search finctionality to search for the files that I use from my project folders in the network drive. More over, I am expecting it to search the PDM folders also.

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                  Jay Tuttle

                  The search feature is also based on the Microsoft Indexing Service done through the Windows control panel.  As far as I can tell, Windows Vista does not allow UNC locations to be indexed in the advanced features like Windows XP did.  See the attachment - "Index.jpg"  [there use to be a tab called "Add UNC Location".]


                  If you want to search UNC locations, see attachment - "Index2.jpg"  (You must use the Advanced Search options and direct the location to the UNC.)


                  As far as PDM searches, right click the vault view and select Find / Search...  See the attachment "pdm search.jpg"


                  Hope this helps some.


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