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Create edrawings of assemblies from within PDM workgroup

Question asked by Perry Waring on Nov 12, 2009

Hi all

We have had a problem viewing assemblies from within SolidWorks Explorer for a long time. We are a big user of configurations both parts & assemblies but when viewing assemblies we cannot identify configurations i.e.; the left hand pane only shows the model file names not their configurations.


I have come up with a solution & that is to create eDrawings assemblies that can then be booked into PDM Workgroup. When these eDrawings assemblies are then viewed using SolidWorks Explorer the configurations can be identified.


I would like a custom task that would identify any assembly that has been updated within Pdmworks, create eDrawings assemblies of those assemblies & book them into PDM Works - this task would be run at the end of each day.


Can anyone help with this?