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x32 vs x64 GUI for DrawCompare - what's up with that?

Question asked by Jay Tuttle on Nov 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2012 by Brad Whitten

It doesn't really matter which method I use; either Tools>DrawCompare or Add-ins>SolidWorks Utilities, but can someone please explain why the Drawcompare GUI functionality is different in x64 Vista than it was in x32 Windows?


If you look at my attachment of the Open GUI (the dialog box after I selected Browse from the DrawCompare), you can see I'm missing two things.  On the left side under Folders, I'm missing the "PDM Vault" icon to access the vault files and there is no option to compare "Revisions" of the same drawing.  Virtually, the DrawCompare is now completely usless!  Is there some sort of Windows setting that I need to trigger this capability?


SW '09, SP4.1