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BOM and Excel Templates

Question asked by 1-J31JAO on Nov 11, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2009 by 1-J31JAO

I just reinstalled my OS (Vista Business) and installed SW 2009 x64 SP4.1. When I go to insert a BOM in a drawing the default table shows up, but when I click to choose another template, it goes to my current working directory and not the directory where the templates are stored. The file location is set up correctly in options and the files are all in that directory. If I try to insert an Excel table, it can't even find the template for that. Again, all the template files are in the right directory. If I navigate my way to the directory the template files are there and I can select them.


I thought it was suppose to default to the directory stated in file locations in options. Any thoughts?