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Mirrored annotations error in drawing sheet?

Question asked by Ken Tenney on Nov 10, 2009

I have had a very odd thing happen on in a set of drawing sheets.  I modified a section view section line, and... voila, I got most all of my annotations to mirror off of the drawing sheet as shown in the .pdf and .jpg.


I saved a copy of the file and opened it again and all is well.  However, I can generate the same error at will by modifying the section view line.  I thought a sheet regeneration would rectify the sheets after seeing that they were okay after a save, but that does not work.  As there is a work around (to save, close, and re-open the file), this is not a make or break deal.


Any ideas on what's up?  Has anyone ever seen this before?  Why wouldn't "all" the annotations mirror, I wonder?




SW2009 x64, SP2.1