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BOM Question

Question asked by Ben Hlavaty on Nov 10, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2009 by Kevin Goosie

New to the community, so I hope this question hasn't been asked and answered already. If so, my appologies.



I actually have 2 questions.


1. Can it be configured so that the anchor point is bottom left, the header row (Item, Qty, etc...) is a footer, and it reads from bottom up?

Like this:


3            1       XYZ-111     Part 3

2            1       XYZ-999     Part 2

1            1       XYZ-555     Part 1

Item  -  QTY  -  Part No.     Description


Then as you add more parts, they add to the top of the BOM.




2. How do you renumber the parts? If I bring a part in later into the assembly, but want it labeled at #2 instead of #10 for example.




Thanks in advance for your help.