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    Threads not showing correctly

    Robert Thomson

      I have a part with rectangular slots in them and tapped holes coming at 90° to another edge.  These are both "smart features" of a punch that gets inserted into the block at the assembly.  The taps are all "through all" holes but some (why some?) do not show.  Attached is the part if you want to  take a look at it.  Any thoughts?

      Thanks, Rob

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          Charles Culp

          Which ones aren't showing? I don't see what the problem is when I look at your model.


          I see holes going all the way through the part, and each square slot has a hole in it.

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              Robert Thomson
              It's the drawing that doesn't come out right. Take a look at the upper taps in the plan view.
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                  Deepak Gupta
                  Works fine here. Look under Tools > Options > Document Properties > Detailing if they are set to no show/display.
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                    Anna Wood



                    I do not have any issues with the cosmetic threads in your drawing on my install of SW.  What are your computer hardware specs, video card and driver?


                    Here is a bit of unsolicited advice on how to handle your wire start holes.  This technique will allow you to use hole charts for your die details.  See attached zip file for an example.


                    I have attached a typical die detail we do at our shop.  In the die insert file you will see two configurations, milled and default.  The wire starts are modeled in the SW model just like it will be manufactured.


                    In the detail drawing you will see two views overlayed (View 1 and View 5) with the Align Horz by Origin and Align Vert by Origin.  When creating the hole chart I hide View 5 and set the view focus to View 1.  I create the hole chart with the View 1 milled configuration of the part.  After that is complete show View 5 default configuration view.


                    I then update my hole descriptions to our standards.  To make this easier I have a Windows Notepad file with all the common hole chart notes that I use.  It is a quick cut and paste into the hole chart.


                    We also use a lot (100's) of standard punch geometries.  View 'A' on the detail is linked to a little model that I have saved in one of our standards folders of the punch geometry for the lance punch.  I set this view up an a drawing a view years ago and have been copy and pasting into subsequent details ever since.


                    This detail might take me 15-20 minutes to set up and complete for the shop if I make it from scratch.  We use a lot of standard size tooling, so most time I am doing a copy and clone of the interior punch geometry so it is only about 5-10 minutes to get the detail the way I want for release.


                    There is a little extra up front work on the model with getting your wire starts in.  But once you get used to the technique it is a big time saver downstream.  Our shop uses the SW models for their CNC work, so they use the mill operation for the CNC milling.  The wire guys using Esprit can bring in each configuration of the model in their program and do their wire programming directly from the model.


                    Hopefully the files will give you some ideas on how to make wire starts easy in SW.