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How often Vault Validation needed?

Question asked by Jiral Parikh on Nov 10, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2009 by Jeff Holliday

Hello Everyone,


I have question with Vault Validation tool and I want to know how often people are doing this?We are still in SolidWorks 2007 and soon we will upgrade to 2009.


Some time vault just does not show correct data. Like, parts are not shown correctly in the tree. Where Used option does not show data correctly and things like that. I run vault validation and everything turns good. Is this just a regular vault behavior or there is something we are doing wrong here? Typically, I run vault validation once a month or even less than that. Does that need to be run more than this? Does anyone know a good reason why even this happens?


I show in different posts that people do vault validation everyday. Is this something recemmended?