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    Dimension Palette

    Allen Queen

      Just downloaded SW 2010. I would like to use the dimension palette to its fullest, yet when i click one time on a dimension and go to hover over the palette it disappears.  Its like it has a transparent setting to it.  I would like it to stay solid the entire time i have it pulled up.  Can anyone help with this?


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          Kelvin Lamport
          Sounds like something is hosed. The pallette should appear transparent when a dimension is clicked. When the pallette is hovered over it becomes solid. On my system, the pallette will become transparent when the cursor is moved away, but will return to solid when moved back. The pallette disappears if the cursor is moved away more than ~1".
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            Elias Adamo

            I was wondering if you found a solution to this problem ; I have the exact same problem using SW 2010 SP3.

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              James Canney

              I had this issue as well. First thing I did was to update my graphics driver. Then went to Start,  Control panel, Display, Settings, Advanced, and then changed my DPI setting from Large (120) back to Normal (96). This seemed to solve the problem. Note I am running my screen at 1900x1200.


              See attached image.


              Hope this solves it for you, I believe this is what fixed it for me, note my PC needed restart for it to work.


              Also make sure any drawing templates and bits are 2010, seemed to me that the dimension pallet would fail if the old template had been opened and not yet saved as a 2010 file.