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    export results into excell

    Justin Sue
      im running a simulation using surfaces and need to export the stress result for each element into excel so that i can do some calculations on them. is there someway to export each and every stress value from the model  into a text file or something so that i can import it into excel?
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          Anthony Botting
          Hi Justin: Try this: Right click on the "Results" folder and choose "List Stress, Displacement, Strain". In the PM, there are appropriate options for stress at center of element and coordinate, and stress component, but you have to set the "Range" option to span all the element numbers (it should default the maximum value appropriately), and the "Save" output is a *.csv file (comma separated values) for Excel. I have attached a screen shot of the PM and output dialog. Hope this helps! -TonyListResults.png


          Message was edited by: Anthony Botting. Sorry, no coordinates. But you can get those by "Probe" tool (make sure to plot stress ELEMENT, first), then you can select faces and get a coordinate listing of the element center (and element number). There is a "save" button to create a *.csv file.