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    looking for understanding with over dimensioning.

      Sometimes this happens to me, sometimes it doesn't, and I don't understand why.


      after I've modelled some part, I create a Drawing for it, and when i start to dimension it, sometimes my drawings will say "ADDING THIS DIMENSION WILL MAKE THE SKETCH OVER DEFINED......"


      I understand why it would say that during a sketch while modeling, but why is it prompting me this while I'm doing the drawings?


      see attached.


      I made 2 very similar shafts, and trying to show depth of a center hole, but on one of my drawings I get this warning/caution, and on the other drawing I don't get it. (majority of the time, I don't get this warning, but when i do, it seems very random.)


      This isnt the first time something like this has occurred.


      any insight is greatly appreciated


      Thanks for reading & your time.