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Why are display of FOS Distribution and FOS areas under 'X' different?

Question asked by John Highet on Nov 6, 2009

I am doing a relatively simple static simulation with 4 batteries on a sheet metal tray.  The results seemed within expectations and he FOS distribution seemed correct.  But, when I did separate result to show areas under a certain FOS, I did not get results that matched the FOS distribution.


The area in question is on the side flanges.  In the FOS distribution, the area is blue (FOS ~100), but in the FOS-specific, the area is red.  Red is only supposed to show the areas under the specified FOS, so it makes it a bit confusing.  In this particular study, the minimum FOS in the distribution is 2.23.  To prove the issue, I tried a result to display FOS under 2 (sould be a solid blue tray), but the area on the side flanges is still red.


Attached are screen caps to illustrate.  Any ideas why this is happening?