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SW does not support  external monitors on laptop

Question asked by Tom Mathieson on Nov 6, 2009
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by Bruno Protz

i recently bought a new laptop.  i reviewd all of   SW "certified' systems, and bought a HP 8730w,one of their 'certified' systems.  i also bouhgt a docking station and connected my 19" monitor. to it.  everything worke fine for a while, but then, as usual, SW started crapping out.  i would go to edit a dimensions, and the dim box would not go away.  that graphic window would become dead,, although i could edit  the part in the assy window. i  have to close SW down, which then comes back with an error, "sw did not close down properly and needs to restart..", even though all i do is hit 'exit'


anyways, after much going back and for with my VAR, what it comes down to is SW does not support external monitors on laptop.  part of the eamil...


Now on to the reply from SolidWorks (paraphrased):
-"External displays with laptops are not supported for use by us, so they
resolution for the customer is to not use the external display (see
Knowledge Base solution S-039747."
-"Aside from not using an external display, the only other resolution I can
recommend is to lower the resolution of said external display. Doing so
may resolve the problem."



good stuff....  just thought i would post this in case anyone is looking at this route fro a workstation....