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Top Down design with configurations?

Question asked by Daniel Schulz on Nov 5, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2009 by Daniel Schulz

I'm new to the 'top down' design method, and have a question about how configurations are handled.  We produce products where there are several sizes produced - essentially scale versions of each other.  Currently, I am using a bottom up approach where each assembly, and parts has multiple configurations (one for each product size).  My drawings are tabulated with as many as 30 p/n's, that are linked to the design tables.


I can see how I can create an assembly sketch that drives my design, and how I can have multiple configurations in this assembly.  Additionally I can see how it is possible to create subassemblies that have multiple configurations.  But how do I link the two parametrically?  An example would be highly appreciated.