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    SW labs Collada exporter

    Neil Larsen

      This is probably not the place to ask and expect answers but the labs blog seems rarely frequented..


      I was wondering if anyone has tried importing collada files ex the SW labs exporter into another program and noticed discrepancies?


      I've been trying out the exporter as a way to get stuff into Blender 2.49 and perhaps then into other renderers.

      Parts and assy seem to make the journey ok along with the material colours and textures although the transparency ends up full on rather than off.

      I believe the transparency is an inversion purposely made for Google Earth? not sure..


      Unfortunately the direction and position of the lights is wrong and the camera orientation is 90 deg out.

      I did notice some texture orientations were not consistent across faces.

      These errors could be due to the importer in Blender or the SW exporter.

      Some of them could be taken care of in the meantime by utilising a post import python script but it would be nice to know which program is messing up.

      I did notice a part in an assy came in twice although not all of it was there - once at the right scale and again 4x bigger and I think that is most likely the exporters fault..again not sure


      Presently it seems to be that it is only collada 1.4 that is supported although I cant find anywhere that is stated specifically.

      Blender 2.50 due soon will have collada 1.5 support and will handle some animation data too -2.49 just does geometry...

      This opens up the possibility of doing animations more easily in Blender with a full compliment of cg tools and effects.

      Hey I just like playing with open source stuff

      It also means I could use models from say Sketchup etc in the render scene.


      Has anyone heard of plans for the SW labs exporter to be updated to collada 1.5?


      BTW for those looking for info - not stated is that the fineness of the exported tessellation is controlled by the image quality as per .stl .vrml.

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          Neil Larsen

          hmmm.. no takers.

          ok I'll try posting at SW labs..

          unfortunately they dont seem to pay too much attention to the shop counter there..

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              Patrick Girvin

              Hi Neil,

              Yeah the SW Labs blogs - does anyone at SW actually maintain those?  You can hear the crickets.

              I have just loaded SW 2010, the 64-bit Collada exporter, Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate and SketchUp 7.1.  whew.

              I was able to get SW to export Collada *once*, then everytime since when I try to export, SW crashes.


              Very unhelpful.  I, too, am trying to get SW data to other renders, like Modo.  Unfortunately, Modo and SW have not yet released the new "native" import plugin for Modo, so I have to use back doors, like Collada.  This too is not working.


              Let me know if you get yours working.  Good luck.

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                  Neil Larsen

                  ...yeah ok...I posted to the labs forum but no reply (yet?)...must be a lot going on in the back rooms...

                  hopefully somebody gives them a prod.

                  I found an apt picture..

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                      Patrick Girvin

                      That's really funny.

                      Myself, I would just like to hear if SolidWorks 2010 is compatible with the Collada exporter.  If not, are they working on it, and when might it be available?


                      To me, it seems like - if you want to be able to *say* you have a certain functionality, but it isn't really ready for Prime-Time, then just release it as a "Labs" plug-in, and then you don't even have to update it or support it.  Heck, you don't even have to respond to questions about it.  But you can still *say* you have this functionality.