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Recommendation for VM Software that plays well with SNL Manager

Question asked by Ian Cairns on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2009 by Basil Gello


Can anyone recommend a VM Software that plays well with SolidNetwork manager & other FlexLM license software?

Our very outdated PC that WAS the license server for our entire network licensing software (ALL FlexLM licenses etc) gave up the ghost a few months back!

Our IT Department cut over to Sun VirtualBox VM after this event

This was sold to me as a “time saver” being able to cut over to ANY OS ANYWHERE on the Network in a matter of minutes rather than days waiting for new license files from multiple software vendors

Great in theory (restore an image)... but recently when upgrading to 2010 SNL Manager the Sun VirtualBox graphics was corrupted (appeared to be the last progress bar searching for something) & has been extremely unstable ever since!

Few days ago our IT Consultant trailed a cut over to VMWare Virtual software which I believe to be one of the more reputable ones

SolidWorks 2010 SNL appeared to go OK... although international calls were required & manual registration thru e-mail because it couldn't connect to the Web (even though Google was working!)

Came in the next day to find our internal IT guy had cranked up the Sun VirtualBox after someone from an overseas office complained his Ansys FEA Software wasn’t working!

Couldn't get any other FlexLM software to work in VMWare... so cut back to Sun VirtualBox & SNL 2009

The main problem is that the Sun VirtualBox MAC address starts with  00:15  When we try to put that address into the VMWARE server it says it isn't a valid MAC address. 


Ian Cairns