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SW2009 Some annotations show up as yellow.  Fix?

Question asked by John Manly on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2009 by John Manly

Hi all:


We recently upgraded to SW2009.  Afterward, certain annotations show up in yellow; specifically, model dimensions, GD&T symbols, BOM tables, center marks, center lines, etc.  Applied dimensions and notes are black, as expected.  Is there a setting for this, or is this possibly a graphics driver issue?  I searched through the color settings and didn't find anything helpful.  We previously ran SW2007 and did not experience this problem.  We have verified that our graphics cards & driver are no longer supported.  Hopefully, we're getting new workstations soon, but I find the yellow difficult to see, and irritating.


If this is known to be a driver issue, is there a workaround?


Thanks in advance,