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    Surfaces and Solids

      First I would try the Delete Face tool and use the default setting of Patch to delete all the surfaces of the pocket. If that doesn't "take" then toggle the Fill switch. If the result looks sastisfacory, you may not have needed to create surfaces to cover the hole. But since you have the surfaces you could also select the toggle Delete in the Delete Face tool and then knit your surface and the resulting surface body together.

      One more approach is to use Replace Face. Select the faces of the pocket in the first collector and then your created surface body in the other. It doesn't always work, but it could save a step.
        • Surfaces and Solids
          I don't use surfacing very often so there might be an easy way to do this that I don't know about.I have a solid body that has an interesting shape that I would bet was originally built with solid modeling and then using fillets/variable fillets to create its unique shape.There is a pocket in this part that I have covered using surfaces that looks satisfactory for what I am doing.Now I need to turn the whole thing into a solid. If I'm right I can't knit surfaces to a solid .Do I need to turn the whole part to surfaces then knit?If so how?Any help whould be apreciated
          SW 2006 SP 4.1
          • Surfaces and Solids
            That works!