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Multibody Plastic Parts

Question asked by 1-39SHIM on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by Doug Seibel

I design a lot of electronics casings from scratch.  To start with I typically have a completed circuit board, and the other electrical components that will be housed in the casing.  I place and locate them in an assembly and then design my casing in context around those components.  I design the entire casing in a single part and then split it into separate bodies (to split the casing in half, for battery doors, or for any other features which require the casing to be another 'piece').  Everything works great from a design standpoint the problem comes when I try to create drawings. 


Typically I want to create an exploded view and then a bill of materials.  As it is I can't explode the individual casing pieces because they are not separate parts, they are all bodies of a single part.  I also can't create a Bill of Materials because it will just show the single casing.  In the casing part file I create individual configurations for each body, deleting out the other bodies.  There are several workarounds, but none of them seem satisfactory to me.  I could create a separate assembly just to make the drawing, but then I have two sets assemblies that I have to keep updated if the design changes, which is a real headache.  The other option is to hide the main part in the assembly and then insert each part of the casing into the assembly which would then allow me to create exploded views and a BOM.  This seems like a crude way of doing it, as I then have to be careful not to edit one of the parts that is just a single body.  Any thoughts or ideas on a better way to handle this would be greatly appreciated.